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Welcome to 'Fuelling the Gap', a fossil-emission gap tracker from Climate Analytics

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See the key fuels with the highest emission gap to a 1.5°C compatible transformation in 2030

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Explore the fossil-fuel emission gaps and understand the drivers for each country


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Select a country to see how it's 'Business-as-Usual' trajectory compares to low-carbon pathways. Expand the country narrative below these graphs to understand key drivers behind potential fossil-fuel lock-in in the country


This tool is hosted by the Climate Policy Team at Climate Analytics as part of our work on providing scientific evidence in support of discussions on coal phase-out as part of global commitment enshrined in the Paris Agreement. More information can be found at this link:


The Policy Team assesses the effectiveness of international strategies and national climate policies, including low-carbon development plans, in meeting global climate goals and reducing greenhouse gas emissions whilst achieving sustainable development goals.


Gaurav Ganti
Decarbonisation Strategies Lead
Climate Policy Team